Laboratory Plastic-Ware

Product Image (683210)

5 Litre HDPE Jerrican

Price: 852 INR

The narrow housing design minimizes hold-up volume and enables easy aspiration and dispensing in ampules, test tubes & other small vessels

Product Image (582180)

Narrow Mouth Bottle

Price: 2073 INR

These autoclavable bottles can be used for shipping and storing chemicals and standard, collecting and storing distilled water etc.

Product Image (523021)

Cryo Vial - Sterile

Price: 5688 INR

CRYOCHILL Vials are designed for use in mechanical freezer and in vapour phase of liquid nitrogen.

Product Image (241000)

PCR Rack With Cover

Price: 2436 INR

Convenient Polypropylene rack for 0.2 ml PCR tubes,strips and plates.This rack is stackable with or without lid

Product Image (881100)

Specimen Container

Price: 1852 INR

Specimen Containers. Screw-capped, Leak-proof. Wide Mouth. Clear body, with coloured lid. Autoclavable. Popular for large specimen storage and display, sterilisation/collection of used tips, etc. Material: PC/PP.

Product Image (583270)


Price: 5299 INR

Autoclavable Polypropylene carboys have wide shoulder handle for easy carrying & pouring Used for storing and transporting large batches of culture media, distilled water and other solutions.

Product Image (4050)

Motorless Magnetic Stirrer

Price: 6423 INR

Flat profile, plastic body. Ideal for Life-Science labs or applications where height is a constraint.

Product Image (4060)

Multispin - Motorless Magnetic Stirrer

Price: 23468 INR

Multispin is a 4 position motorless magnetic stirrer with no moving parts to maintain.

Product Image (5040)

HOTOP - Digital Hot Plate

Price: 22061 INR

This Hot Plate has rugged aluminium die casting housing. Acid & Alkali resistant glass cermaic Top.

Product Image (620020)

Dropping Bottle 120 ml

Price: 467 INR

Tarson 620030 15 ml Dropping Bottle of the finest quality and rest assured to get the best in terms of both durability and performance

Product Image (560030)

Wash Bottle

Price: 478 INR

Tarsons Wash Bottle is a leading supplier of Plastic ... Material: LDPE. With a long, flexible delivery tube and nozzle fitted into the cap.

Product Image (422040)

Beaker TPX 1000 ml

Price: 1408 INR

TPX Beakers are made from PolyMethylPentene (TPX). Beakers are of slightly conical design, can be stacked, with spout, and have printed graduations. Autoclavable up to 140C, and Transparent.

Product Image (525160)

Ice Bucket

Price: 2929.00 INR

Durable rigid ice bucket is Unbreakable in normal use. Excellent Insulating Properties. Suitable for use with Liquid nitrogen, dry ice, water-ice salt Solution and Acetone.

Product Image (460061)

Petridish with Triple Vent Radiation Sterile 60 x 15 mm

Price: 2376 INR

Petri dish (Petri plates), named after German Bacteriologist, are shallow dishes used for culturing cells, bacteria, and mosses. Nutrient Agar or other suitable growth media containing ingredients such as blood, cholesterol, salts, and carbohydrate etc. is widely used to culture bacteria for microbiological assays and experiments like those involving antibiotic and viruses (phages). Even Eukaryotes like yeast can be cultured on Petri plates. They have a lid which makes aeration possible. These are circular in shape and can be stacked one upon another. They are made of glass or plastic. Glass ones are autoclavable and reusable, while plastic plates are generally sterile and disposable. Petri plates are commercially available in wide range sizes with different diameters.

Product Image (345050)

Measuring Cylinder Class B 250 ml

Price: 2118 INR

These translucent autoclavable cylinders have stable hexagonal base. The graduations are ring moulded for better reading

Product Image (460091)

Petridish with Triple Vent Radiation Sterile

Price: 3607 INR

90 X 14 mm Ps Petridish With Triple Vent Radiation Sterile, 460091. 1 pack contains of 480 piece


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